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Houses & Apartments

A resident of Rea of Hope will focus on their recovery in a 12 step-based fellowship program while establishing themselves as responsible members of our community. The houses are staffed 24 hours a day to insure a supportive and safe environment. Our residents are required to work, attend school or volunteer at an approved location. Learn More

As graduates, the women already have a support system in place, employment and connection to the community. The Rea of Hope New Life Apartments provides our graduates with an affordable beginning and enables us to continue working with them to get their credit, fines and other financial and legal problems solved; avoiding the stumbling blocks to a successful recovery. Learn More


My journey began on August 19, 2013. Like most I was beaten down and desperate. Unlike some, I wasn't too sure if I had hit my bottom because by the grace of God my addiction did not land me in jail. I made a decision to put myself in detox. Knowing 7-10 days wasn't enough. I went to a 28 day facility where I began to learn about myself and my addiction. I then again decided to go further. On September 23rd, I was accepted to the Rea. Thinking I knew better I ended up leaving the Rea for a relationship to later find out they were actively using drugs. Read More



At Rea of Hope, Inc., we do our best to ensure that our residents have a meaningful, safe, and successful recovery. We would not be able to provide these programs without the help of our community. Rea of Hope, Inc. receives financial support from generous individuals, corporations, foundations, and other community organizations. We also receive help from a huge volunteer group that has witnessed our success. We encourage you to find a way to make a positive impact on the lives of these women as they strive to improve their health and well-being. Learn More

The Mission of Rea of Hope is to provide safe affordable housing for West Virginia women in a positive homelike environment that fosters recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction and promotes self sufficiency.

The name "Rea of Hope" comes from an AA member Betsy Rea. Betsy Fletcher Rea was born in Dunbar, West Virginia in 1930 and at the age of eight was stricken with polio. The years that followed would involve times of sacrifice and courage for the entire family. She would endure numerous surgeries; hospital stays and separation from her loved ones and would never be mobile again without the aide of crutches, braces, or a wheelchair. Read More

Along a quiet city street, in a beautifully restored historic home - women from many places find healing, support, direction and fellowship.

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