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I am 44 years old. I am the mother of two sons. My oldest is 21 years old, and, my youngest is 19 years old. Through my long destructive lifestyle of active addiction, I not only caused myself pain and suffering, but as well my loved ones. And the result of that is I have no family in my life today; and I haven't for six years. It's really hard, and lonely some days; especially around the holidays. But through getting clean I have realized a lot of things about my disease, and also about myself. I know today that I'm not or have never been a bad person or mother. My disease caused me to make bad decisions.
Today I am blessed with many friends, and a large support group. The staff at the Rea of Hope is included in that group of people. They have been nothing but helpful, supporting, and loving since the day I walked through their door. I have a family in my life today that love me and care about me. I received that family from the Rea of Hope.

-MT (2013-2014)

 I am a 32 year old mother of an 8 year old son. I am also an addict. Growing up was wonderful, I was active in dance, piano lessons and have been an avid horseback rider competing in shows since the age of 4. I struggled with depression since the age of 12 and that progressed to self-mutilation.
I was born in Bluefield, West Virginia, but grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and Greensboro, North Carolina. We moved back to West Virginia when I was 16. I started smoking pot around 17. When I graduated high school I started taking pain pills, nerve pills, and ecstasy. I don't really remember going through any traumatic event. I think that at that time I was trying to fit in and be happy.
After I had my son in 2005 things got worse. He was about a year old and I was placed into a hospital for my mental illness and drug abuse. CPS stepped in and placed him with my mother. My son is still with my mother at this time. That's the best for him right now. Rea of Hope is giving me the chances to build my home with my son. They are helping me learn to love myself again. For that I will be forever grateful.

-AD (2013-2014)

 I am 46 years old and the mother of 24 year old twin boys, grandmother of one. I've gone to college and graduated certified as a medical assistant and CDA in early childhood development. Unfortunately, my crack use along with alcohol put me in an unemployable position. And to make matters worse I am an ex-felon.
I took my first drink at the age of eight and smoked my first joint at nine. I nursed both these habits up until I was 24 and then added crack cocaine to this 30 year struggle. Before arriving at the Rea of Hope I did three and a half years in prison, and four and a half months in a half-way house. I had two choices, going to a state with an 85% felon failure rate or live in a small town with a high rate of unemployment.
Rea of Hope opened doors that otherwise would have been closed. Just coming out of prison I am able to establish a renting history. Most property owners see me as a high risk. At the Rea I'm given the opportunity to be a success story. They provide me with all the tools I need for balance between work and social interaction. Dinners with all the ladies and working staff member has become a part of the day I look forward to. Meetings AA and NA, and yes the Rea even gives me a choice between the two seven days a week. The Rea provides transportation to and from these meetings. They also give me encouragement to reach out to other fellowship members to help me overcome my fear of asking for help. Thank you, Rea of Hope.

-SG (2013-2014)

The original Rea of Hope house is located on Lee Street in Charleston. The house is staffed 24 hours a day to insure a supportive and safe environment. Our residents are required to work, attend school, or volunteer at an approved location.

Rea of Hope II is just around the corner fron the original house. Together, both houses accomodate 14 beds. A resident of Rea of Hope will focus on their recovery in a 12 step-based fellowship program while establishing themselves as responsible members of our community..

As graduates, the women already have a support system in place, employment and connection to the community. We will work with the women to get their credit, fines and other financial and legal problems solved.

The goals of the Rea of Hope New Life Apartments are to provide an affordable beginning for these women; avoiding the stumbling blocks to a successful recovery.

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