Rea of Hope, Inc.
Rea of Hope, Inc.


Children of Graduates

"This time last year, I was living in foster care-now I get to live with my mom and I get to feel safe." Age 12

"My mom lives at Rea of Hope and I get to see her whenever I want. She always comes when she says she will now." Age 9

"While in Foster care I remember praying to get my momma back; Rea of Hope has given us a life together for 7 years and counting." Age 17

"I used to live in fear that I would never see my mom again; I have seen my mom transform into a good mom and person. 11 years and counting." Age 17


"I'm not living in fear anymore and I'm doing the next right thing. Working on building a relationship with my higher power. I am working the steps and attribute my new sober life to my time at the Rea of Hope. I have been taught a work ethic and a new way of life."

"I am the mother of three beautiful children and with the help of Rea of Hope I was able to regain full custody of them."

"When I first came to Rea of Hope I had not had a job in 2 years, I was homeless and living on the street; within 10 months I was executive staff at a local hotel, in a position that allowed me to hire new Rea residents."

"The Rea of Hope welcomed me at a time when I felt lost and desperate; however, today, I feel hope. I have worked the steps with a sponsor, and I have a job I am proud of. I have learned to take care of myself and now I am able to be back in my son's life. I am forever grateful to all of the women at the Rea of Hope who have shown me a better way to live."

"I came to the Rea of Hope with no concept of self-worth. My time here has taught me that I am important, and my needs matter just as much as everyone else's. I am eternally grateful to the women of this program for teaching me how to value myself. I no longer need to hide from the world and blur my pain with drugs and alcohol."

"I am a mother to 4 boys who deserve the best in life. My addiction had left me broken and hopeless. The end stages of my addiction resulted in me losing custody of my youngest 2 children, the most important thing in my life. Since coming to the Rea of Hope I have been given support that has enabled me to have hope for recovery and a new life. I am working on rebuilding my relationships with my kids and I have faith that God will strengthen me to become the mother I was meant to be."