Rea of Hope, Inc.
Rea of Hope, Inc.


Rea of Hope Helps West Virginia Women and Children

The number of women struggling with addiction and/or alcoholism has dramatically increased. Rea of Hope is a proven solution. Our program provides women a path to sustained recovery, saves tax payer dollars and reunifies mothers and their children.

Rea of Hope is about sustained abstinence based recovery and the reunification of families

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The mission of Rea of Hope is to help West Virginia women suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction by teaching the life skills and self-sufficiency required to reach sustained recovery, while providing safe, affordable, and supportive housing for them and their children.

Rea of Hope averages 45 admissions a year with an average daily census of 44 women and children. While these numbers may seem low, the ripple effect is in the thousands. Annually we are able to provide an average of 10,032 shelter night for adults, 4908 shelter nights for children, 3640 sit down meals and 10,192 make your own breakfast and lunches.

"We're in the business
of second chances."

Marie Beaver

Founding Executive Director with 34 plus years of personal recovery and over 33 years professional experience in treating substance use disorders.

Rea of Hope is a proven and effective solution. We can help!!!

At Rea of Hope, we believe in...

Respecting and treating our residents with dignity and compassion
Empowering women to be self-sufficient
Accountability and adherence to a twelve-step abstinence-based treatment model

Opportunities for success
Fostering hope

Holistic recovery
Obligation and commitment
Personal responsibility
Expecting the best in all that we do

Rea of Hope operates with a sense of family that supports women through recovery.