Rea of Hope, Inc.
Rea of Hope, Inc.
Rea of Hope, Inc.


The Mission of Rea of Hope is to provide safe affordable housing for West Virginia women in a positive homelike environment that fosters recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction and promotes self sufficiency.

The name "Rea of Hope" comes from an AA member Betsy Rea. Betsy Fletcher Rea was born in Dunbar, West Virginia in 1930 and at the age of eight was stricken with polio. The years that followed would involve times of sacrifice and courage for the entire family. She would endure numerous surgeries; hospital stays and separation from her loved ones and would never be mobile again without the aide of crutches, braces, or a wheelchair.

Betsy encountered numerous situations that shaped her unique life, never relinquishing the strong determination that served her so well through both the disease of polio and then later the disease of alcoholism. She would find recovery from alcoholism in the spring of 1981. Her eighteen years of recovery can best be described as a "place" everyone wanted to be. Her life was a life of circles that called you in. That life ended February 13, 1999.

Rea of Hope, Inc. is a tribute to her perseverance and love she had for others.

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